text by Cassadee Hirsch


The London-based faux fur brand Shrimps has truly exploded onto the fashion scene this past year, becoming every fashion editors’ dream of chic and edgy with retro feelings. Shrimps designer Hannah Weiland debuted her Fall/Winter 2015 collection during London Fashion Week by embracing nostalgia through colorful palette of private school green, honey mustard yellow, mysterious blue and deep orange-rouge. 

Playfully keeping her signature design of contrasting stripes, Hannah Weiland successfully incorporated new materials and fabrics into her collection this season. While initially capturing our attention with the large impact of faux fur coats and clutches, she simultaneously arouses lovely fine detail distraction with shiny black nylons and pops of mustard fur. Tartan skirts and coats that reminisce the seventies were paired with faux fur heels birthed from the collaboration of Weiland and the renowned British shoe designer Sophia Webster. Hannah’s funky doodles embroidered cute knits, outerwear pajamas and signature fluff. Beauties walked on a runway of shimmer with loose curls and a Lolita lip, as if they were dancing through Studio 54. 

Weiland graduated with an art history degree at Bristol University and continued studies in Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion. She began the label Shrimps upon graduation with the intentions of making clothing for herself and friends. Much like Barbara Hulanicki of BIBA who made clothes for friends, we expect a bright future for Weiland. As the “Summer of 2015” approaches, Shrimps has everyone thrilled for Fall/Winter 2015. 

photos by Jamie Stoker


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