Issue No.9 Theme


Issue No. 9 theme is live! The Graphic issue is more than just prints. Its about surrounding yourself within the shapes and forms we see everyday. Graphics can be formed through nature, architecture, or by the shadows casted by the angle the sun hits a side of a building. We want to see graphics in a tasteful way. Inspired by Fall/Winter 2014/2015 collections, think outside the box when you think the word graphic. It could be anything from mixing prints with clothing and the styling to set design. Minimalism plays a big part in graphics - it doesn't need to scream at you to say it's a graphic. Check out our theme PDF for inspiration and see what you can create!

If you choose to shoot an editorial for ONE, please provide us with a moodboard and concept proposal for approval, along with a link to your work. Email to

Download theme PDF

Deadline for editorial and article submissions - November 14th
Submission guidelines